Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bath Time XL

This bathtub in our room was the size of my whole bathroom at home...I need an upgrade. I loved this thing, and once I got out I would throw anything I would find in it. Mommy was constantly chasing me and fishing things out, it was quite humorous.

Rainy Day

Our first day was a little rainy but that was ok, Poppa did magic tricks, and I practiced my baseball and football skills.


We went on vacation with my aunt shell,uncle chuck and my cousins gia,devin & rocco. We had a blast, we stayed in a cabin in the woods and it had a pool and a lake and stairs and a big bathtub and cheez-its. It was pretty much heaven on earth. I'll post about my adventures in the upcoming days, I don't want to overwhelm you too much. I posted a little through mommy's phone during the 8 hour car ride that I thought would never end!! I would close my eyes, because that is what I do in the car sometimes and I magically end up at home. I'm a time traveler! Well on this trip I would try my powers out and bam,I would open my eyes and still be in the car, I tried multiple times and it never worked,so I entertained mommy & poppa most of the trip and caught up on some reading. But I'm glad my home was still here when I got here and all of my cool toys I had forgot about. I did overhear tonight that I'm going to get a new bed! I think mommy and poppa have finally heard my plea's to get a comfy bed like them. To show them that I should get one I did the new task I learned on vacation which was I can stand on my tip toes then extend my one leg really high and I can climb,up,on or off just about's A.W.E.S.O.M.E,looks like my super powers are back.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


As I have said before:I do things to make mommy and poppa smile. But sometimes they act like I do "tricks" and I have to remind them who is the boss! Watch the 1st clip then the 2nd one!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the Road Again

Just catchin' up on a little reading,trying to pass the time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

On The Go

Mommy and I are trying to figure out how to blaug using her cellphone! Stay tuned.

Multimedia message

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Smiles

I'm back to school and loving it!! Here are just a few pictures from my last day home,mommy and I had a great time during our 3 weeks off but I was really happy to see my friends and my teachers. I think they all really missed me!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dancing Machine

My Birthday Gift To Mommy

I figured it is probably time that I explain the whole new look that mommy is sporting. I've noticed the stares that we get and I here her explain a story that is in no way shape or form how it all went down. So here it is, picture this it was the night of mommy's birthday and it was time for night-night. There are 2 things I still don't quite understand 1)Why I go night-night in my own room when Mommy and Poppa get to share one and 2) Why they have a big comfy bed and I'm confined in a wooden prison! Back to the story so mommy put me in my bed and she laid on the floor next to it, she does this every-night and I hold her hand, I think it helps her to go night-night so I do it for her you know. Well I didn't want to go to sleep with only giving her a card on her birthday so I decided to share somethings in my bed. I tried to give her one of my ugly dolls by tossing it over the side but she didn't even flinch, then I tried to hand her a paci through the bars but she apparently didn't want that either so I decided to make one last effort and give her my half full ba-ba. I stood up in my bed and tried to hand it to her but she wasn't looking so I let it slip from my hand, well next thing you know there was a "thump" and then I heard mommy say something along the lines of "that was not cool Augie" I know you are probably gasping right now to;can you believe it,she didn't like the ba-ba birthday gift and actually said that it wasn't cool???? It was totally cold it had been out of the refrigerator for like 10 whole minutes. I got really upset when she left and then poppa came in, but it wasn't poppa's birthday and mommy and I needed to sort things out. Well the whole thing just exhausted me and when I woke up the next morning I saw the new gift I had left mommy! I gave her a purple eye,I mean how cool is that? She looks a little silly but she tells people everywhere we go what I gave her so she must really love it! Plus everyday it gets a little darker and changes colors.So your welcome mommy,I'm sure it will look great on your new drivers license!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We have been crazy busy this past week. I have been so many places and done so many things!! I went to the Zoo, the State Fair,shopping, the Dr's and lots and lots of playing! I got this cool new froggie towel and a new car seat. Poppa and I hid in the box and I was as tall as him. At the State Fair I got to eat a corn dog and see lots of animals and interesting people,it's a great place to people watch by the way.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waitin' on the Side Line

Poppa played softball again today and we've been practicing batting and throwing so I really thought that I was going to get to play. Instead I had to watch and wait,it looks like they didn't need a short player this week after all. I kept getting tricked because they play with the bright green balls that looked like apples,um I tried them and they didn't taste like apples,so take my word and don't try them. Mommy keeps making me where this hat when we are in the sun I like it but it's fun to take it off to!