Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time!!!!

I was so excited when I woke up Christmas morning to see all of my presents. Every year I sleep in for momma and poppa it's kind of my gift to them. I forgot to tell Addie so she was up bright and early waiting for me, I loved opening all of my gifts and Addie's too. Addie on the other hand could care less about the presents she just wanted to eat all of the paper. I'm not sure what my favorite present is yet, I play with them all every day. I wish it was christmas time every day!

Christmas Eve

My cousin Sosie (Sofie) came over and we had a party. We had so much fun, we ate a bunch of yummy treats, opened presents and played. Momma and poppa hung out with Uncle Scot, Casey and Kelly, I think they had fun too. After Sosie left,momma and I left magic food for Santa's moose and then I left milk and moose cookies for Santa.

Waiting for Christmastime Parties!

It was Christmas Eve and Addie and I were paitently waiting to go to a party during the day and have a party at our house at night. Addie was so bored that she started eating baby wipes. I'm glad Santa brought her some toys to chew on. Me, well I was just being my sweet self, until we got to the restaraunt and I decided that I would keep my coat on and lay on the floor for 2 hours. I think at one point I heard mommy ask me to hide under the table. I'm not sure what the problem was I thought the floor was nice!

7 Months Old!

Addie turned 7 mos on the 21st, can you believe that she is 7 months already? We can't.

Super Augie

I can fly...can you?

Playing in the Duck!