Monday, February 22, 2010

King Augie

Me and an Apple

Even though last week was only a 3 day week it was a long one. I moved to a new class and have new teachers and new friends. Plus when I go to school now my class is down the hallway to left instead of the right. So when I got home on friday I just wanted to chill with an apple and watch a little t.v.


Mommy has a bunch of fabric that she says someday she is going to make into fun things. But I think they are fun just how they are. Since we have had so much snow and have had to hang out inside I like getting the bucket out of the closet and playing with all of it. Elmo likes it too.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair Cut

I got a big hair cut today! It was much needed, I like it, I think I'll love it once I get it a little dirty!

Playin' Pool With Poppa

Poppa and I were working on my pool skills this past weekend. Before I know it I'm going to be able to see over the table like him!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Hat

Last night we were going over to mommy and poppa's friends house and I was trying to speed up the process by getting my hat and coat on. It didn't work out to well because as I put my hat on mommy started taking pictures so we didn't leave any sooner!!

Me and Miss Sondra

Friday was a big day at school for me. We had a pizza party that mommy came to,plus it was pj day and we passed out valentines AND it was my last day as a butterfly! So on tuesday I start in a new class called the chicks with new teachers and some new friends. I'm really excited because we have a hermit crab in our room and some fun new toys, but I'm sure going to miss Miss Sondra and my friends!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magic Bag Ride

Grandpa took me on a ride on his computer bag. It was so much fun, I could have done it for hours!!!

Poppa's Birthday

It was poppa's birthday on friday but we celebrated it on saturday! Mommy,grandma and grandpa sang him happy birthday and they were so awful it made me cry. If they are that bad then I guess there is not hope for me to ever be a rock star! I helped poppa eat his cake and open his cards, mommy and I got him a real present but it's not here yet! I love you poppa,happy birthday!

Snow,Snow and More Snow

We got a lot of snow this weekend and I finally got to play in it. I had to get all bundled up which I didn't really like. Also I didn't really like just standing in it with mommy but when I went to the end of the driveway where I could help poppa I was in love. I was helping poppa shovel all the heavy snow, when the wind would blow it made me make old man faces. Mommy said it was getting cold so we had to go inside, and I was not happy.