Friday, September 24, 2010

4 Months Old!!

I put a picture of me at 4 months too incase you forgot what I looked like!

Sleepy Time

I still like to nap with Poppa, someday Addie will too!

Buckeye Babies!!

Addie and I love Buckeye game days and wearing our jersey's. I can't wait for her to get a little bit bigger so we can really play together. But for now I just read to her and share my toys.

Just Chillin'

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Talkin'

about how she can't date until she's 30!

Cereal Conspiracy

So Addie refuses to take a bottle which apparently is a little problematic these days. Momma and poppa decided to feed her some cereal which I have deemed a total conspiracy. I eat cereal all the time and I love it. I eat apple jacks, cheerios, lucky charms you name it they are all yummy with some milk. Well when mommy made Addie's cereal she mixed some powder looking stuff that she called "rice cereal" with some watery looking milk that poppa calls "boobie juice". Addie of course was not to fond of this concoction and to tell you the truth I don't blame her. I mean come on,who eats rice with juice! So tonight when they tried again I shouted out "yucky bebe, it's yucky!" that got her crying so mommy didn't try to feed her anymore. She'll thank me later for saving her. I try to share my food and drink with her everyday but poppa and momma say thank you but she can't have it. Poor thing she's missing out on the good stuff!

Buckeye Party

So we were invited to a Buckeye party and I was super excited. Addie and I got on our Buckeye gear and we were already to go and then all we did was drop Poppa off at his car because he got new tires. Momma promised we were going to a Buckeye party so Addie and I sat and waited patiently for poppa in the driveway. I was really sad but we finally made it to the party and I had a blast, I hope we go to another one this weekend!

Happy Girl

The Return of Raspberry Wars

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Baby

It's hard to believe she can get so mad!