Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry So Long

I have been really busy lately. I know it is no excuse, but I've been learning new things everyday and have been helping out around the house and I just haven't gotten a second to sit down to my blog! Here are a few pictures to keep you up to date on what I have been up to. I've been loving my cars and lining them up just right. There is a science to the order in which I chose them, I evaluate each one before making my next selection. I've also been teaching people about where my baby sister is, I"ll try to do it for mommy on video so that she can show it to you!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sick Day With Elmo

Elmo and I took it easy today watching movies. Last night I wasn't feeling so well so I climbed into bed between momma and poppa. I laid there for a few minutes then all of sudden bam it hit me that I really didn't feel so good. First I threw up on poppa's head then I turned and threw up on mommy's( I didn't want her to feel left out you know.) Well that woke them both up pretty fast, I then threw up in poppa's hands (he held them out so I guess he wanted me to.) Poppa ran off to the bathroom I think I heard mommy say something about not throwing up because she needed help. Hello she needed help?? I was the one sleepy and gettting sick everywhere. Well next thing I know poppa had me in the tub trying to clean me up and change my PJ's, but I had my favorite Dinosaur ones on so I wasn't giving up with out a fight. I did feel better after I was cleaned up and had new pj's on, because boy oh boy did our house smell. Mommy had to remake the bed and we had to sleep with the fan on. I got 2 bubble baths today which I didn't mind. I'm feeling much better now and momma and poppa both got to take showers so they aren't so stinky anymore either. So that was my night and watching movies with Elmo is much more fun than being sick all night!

Poppa's Shirt

I put on Poppa's shirt and I looked silly. Mommy thought I looked like Yoda from Star Wars so Poppa gave me my own card board sword. If I'm gonna be bigger than him someday I have a lot of growing to do!

Watch out Lebron

Poppa and I have been working on my basketball skills. He's teaching me how to slam dunk and not to toot my own horn but I'm getting really good. Who says white men can't jump? With a little help from poppa I can soar, watch out for the 2028 NBA Draft round 1!!!!