Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm not listening...

to mommy anymore!! So I need to tell my side of the story about what has happend this week. It's going to be long so read carefully. On sunday afternoon we were playing outside, mommy was throwing around the balls and poppa was showing me how to juggle, but when I'm outside I like to play pretend. I pretend that I'm on one of those reality tv shows I hear about and try to see if I could make it in the wilderness. So I was sitting under the tree building up my taste for mulch, when mommy starts hollering something "blah,blah,stop,blah,mulch" I turned and showed her the piece I was sampling and went on my way. She hollered again (this time I heard her) "Augie stop eating the mulch" so I didn't want to get in trouble so I started to look for something else. When like a diamond in the rough there in front of me was a new object for me to try, I put the unknown thing in my mouth tasted it, spit it out to inspect it, put it back in and then spit it out as mommy came charging over. Well then it was a blur, mommy was screaming poppa was gagging and I was in the kitchen sink with bubbles!!! Now it's funny that when I'm in the bath I'm not aloud to eat bubbles but she was shoving them in my face saying "yuck,blaa,rinse Augie" Then I heard her say to poppa "it was a dead baby bird!!!!" That's when I did a double take, that little thing was a baby bird? It didn't have any feathers hmmmm. Well I learned my lesson because now I have the BIRD POX,(the Dr called them the Chicken Pox) but I didn't eat a chicken. So I'm home now banned from school for 21 days,I can't go swimming at my Cousin's birthday party and I can't see my friends or teachers at school. All because Mommy told me to try something else. Had I just stuck with my mulch strategy I wouldn't be stuck here with the Bird Pox.
So that is the true story of what went down on sunday,I still love my mommy but I'm going to be a little more hesitant of what she says. Here are a couple pictures that she took, if you notice in the one I kind of look like I have bird lips. (Miss Liz if you're reading this, let everyone know I will be back and don't forget about me!!!!)
I'll keep you all posted on my outdoor survival adventures.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Night Night

A helmet, some bread and a spoon

All I need to drive Poppa crazy while he tries to eat at home on his lunch! That's what he gets for not sharing. Mommy and I picked up this snazzy bike helmet for our new bike trailer. Weather permitting we are supposed to go bike riding tomorrow. When we were at the store today to buy a helmet the guy said something about not having helmets that fit kids my age heads. Mommy told him that a toddler one should work, and wouldn't you know it mommy was right!! The 3+ one fits perfect, man I must have a HUGE brain, I think on a 3 year olds level you know?


I have 2 top teeth now,see???? And my 5th tooth is coming in on the bottom.

Who can...

resist these faces???

Creative Thinking

For some reason mommy was taking my diapers out of the box and putting them into other things, like this diaper holder thing. Well I figured she must have gotten mixed up so once she was all done putting them where she wanted them, I took them out and put them back in the box where they belonged. I also was looking for something new to play in! First before she could refill the plain blue box I tried it on for size but was a little to big. Next I moved to the diaper box but it was too hard so I decided I should cushion it. I then moved the rest of the diapers to an even bigger box but it was too tall, so I left them out for mommy to put away in her random places that she like to store my diapers.


Mommy took me to Toys R Us today!! That place was crazy, I was speechless for the first 30 minutes. I couldn't believe that many toys actually exist. Mommy wanted to get me some power wheel car but she mumbled something about getting in trouble if she did. I would have been fine with the car, I'm not sure who she would have gotten in trouble with since I'm the boss. Well we decided after walking through a million aisles to get a bowling set. I had so much fun bowling once we got home.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Official Race Photos

Mommy run she did released her "official" photos. I told her that she needs to work on her winded/near death look while she's running. I hope she photographs better during her next run. Good thing I'm so photogenic! But I'm still proud.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Poppa played softball today and mommy and I watched. Our friends Trent & Lisa called and told poppa they were short a player. I said "I'm a short player" but I guess I'm too short. I had so much fun watching and waiting for my turn to bat. Lisa scored the winning run so they didn't need me this game.I've never been to a baseball game before. Poppa did a really good job he ran around the bases and one time he just ran around the 1st base and then ran out, I clapped for him! Another time he hit the ball really far and then ran around all of the bases! Mommy said that was good and that Poppa was reliving his "glory days", I tried to play too, the bats were just a little to big for me. Once the game was over I ran out onto the field and it was fabulous there was so much dirt that I didn't know what to do. Then this guy tried to put his smelly hat on my head so I took it back off! All in all this baseball thing was fun and I can't wait 'till I can play on the big field.